Michael Clemons (affectionately known as ‘Big Mike’) is an internationally renowned drummer and producer. A native of Stratford, CT, Mike got his start in music through the support of his mother, Pastor Rosa Clemons, and their church. As a toddler, his family noticed Mike’s propensity for rhythm, and he received his first full drum set at the age of three. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, Mike played relentlessly in church, expressing his faith and love for God musically, and believing that more opportunities would eventually come, if he stayed grounded in his faith.


In 1994, shortly after graduating high school, Mike got the first major break he’d been preparing for. He was discovered by R&B producer Stanley Brown who subsequently hired Mike to play drums on tour for Aaron Hall of Guy. The exposure and connections Mike garnered as a result of his work with Aaron Hall led to a long string of recordings and tours with several major artists including Usher, SWV, Dru Hill, and Mary J. Blige. Following the 8701 tour with Usher, Mike took a much-needed break from touring to pursue another passion, production. In partnership with his brother Nathan, Mike produced hit songs for several artists including Mary J. Blige, Coko, Ruff Endz, Out of Eden, Tyrese, SWV, Dru Hill and many others.


Since that first break with Aaron Hall, Mike has been in demand for his drumming and production skills in the secular arena. However, having never lost sight of his roots in Gospel music and the church, Mike has come full circle, as for the last several years, he has been the drummer for the Grammy award winning Christian artist Israel Houghton and New Breed.


In addition to his work as a musician and producer, Mike is also a burgeoning entrepreneur and personal health advocate. As an entrepreneur, together with his wife Cheryl ‘Coko’ Clemons, Mike has launched a clothing line as well. In terms of personal health advocacy, Mike has proven through his own hard work that it’s possible to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle, no matter your age or occupation. After several years of being overweight, Mike has lost over 100 pounds and kept it off through a lifestyle change of diet and exercise. His success in becoming physically fit has even led to opportunities to incorporate physical health lessons and demonstrations into his drum and production clinics around the globe.


With all these accomplishments, one could ask, ‘what else could Mike Clemons do’? The answer to that question is the same as the answer he provides to his students and fans…with God’s help, anything he puts his mind to’. Be on the lookout for more from Mike Clemons…Ahoy!


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